Privacy Policy for Wisconsin Car Buyers

Thank you for visiting our Privacy Page. It’s not the most glamourous but it will give you a great idea for how Wisconsin Car Buyers treats your data. We strive to provide you with the most protection while still delivering the best experience we can.

Collected Data

Wisconsin Car Buyers will often ask our customers for a variety of personal details. This can include your name and age, contact information, location details, social or other online account details, shipping address, and more.

All of this information is used to monitor our services and how you interact with them. Often it is as direct as facilitating a purchase or resolving a problem with an account or feature.

We only collect details you provide with us, and they are designed to be stored and accessed only by us unless otherwise authorized.

Wisconsin Car Buyers does its best to protect your data with secure connections and servers, restricted access by our staff, and the use of certified partners for transactions and other activities.

Cookies and Information Uses

Wisconsin Car Buyers uses cookies to personalize your experience and support some website functions. This can include allowing you to stay signed into an account for more than one session, or keeping your shopping cart just the way you left it.

We do not use cookies to identify you or track you specifically. All data collected from cookies by Wisconsin Car Buyers is aggregated to create a large picture of our customer base.

Please contact our staff if you have any questions about data usage.

Partner Network

Wisconsin Car Buyers does work with some partners who we think may add value to our customers’ overall experience. These partners are carefully selected and matched to customer interests.

Your information may be shared with partners if, and only if, you agree to that sharing. You’ll typically see this sharing option as a checkbox on a form, such as when you subscribe to a newsletter.

We carefully screen our partners and may sometimes link to their websites or services. If you follow those links and navigate away from our website or services, please know that this privacy policy does not cover any such interactions. We cannot control how others may interact with your or your information.

Opting In and Out

All data sharing is an opt-in with Wisconsin Car Buyers. You will never automatically be added to a list or partner program unless you specifically select and approve that addition.

You may also change your mind at any moment and opt out of any previously agreed sharing. Simply change your profile settings or contact us directly to shift your level of sharing.

Policy Changes

Privacy Policies for Wisconsin Car Buyers may change during the course of your interactions with us. We reserve the right to make changes at any time and will do our best to notify you about such changes, but that is not always possible.

Please return here regularly to ensure you still agree to the privacy policies that govern our content. Wisconsin Car Buyers also recommends that you perform that kind of check for all Web services you use. It’s a good way to stay on top of how your data is being treated and where you might be sharing more than you realize. We take data and privacy very seriously and always aim to help our customers protect themselves both on our services and the other services that they may use.

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